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Screen Prints

At Happy Tree we take special care of your garments to ensure they are printed to the highest quality and standards. Our printing studio is equipped with professional printing presses, vastex dryer, and only the highest quality inks are used. Browse some of our past screen printed apparel and posters below:

what is screen printing?

Screen printing is a printing process in which an image is transferred onto a mesh silk screen, using a chemical called "photo emulsion." An even layer of emulsion is applied onto the silk screen.

Once the emulsion has dried, your desired image- (which has been digitally printed onto a transparent paper)- is placed on top of the emulsion screen. The screen with the transparent paper attached, is then placed under UV lights for a short duration of time; these lights burn the positive image from the transparent paper (your design), onto the screen.

Now the screen is now ready to be washed. When water passes through the screen, only the emulsion where your positive image once laid is washed away. Your screen now acts as a stencil. 

Ink can now be placed onto the screen and pulled across with a squeegee, revealing your design onto the fabric or paper below. 

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